Fifth Direction - Spiritual Coaching & Recovery Work - Houston, TX
Spiritual Coaching, traditionally referred to as spiritual direction,  focuses
on the presence of the divine in a person's life experience and seeks to
enable them to discover and respond to that presence in a deeper way.  
In this on-going relationship a person who desires to be attentive to their
spiritual life meets with a spiritual coach specifically for the purpose of
becoming more attuned to the direction of the spirit in their life.  The
spiritual coach assists the individual in articulating the emergence of the
divine into consciousness and the bringing to birth of that which resonates
authentically within their spirit.

This process embodies the original sense of the word education:  
to draw
A spiritual direction already exists within everyone.  The spiritual
coach's role is to assist in discerning what that direction is in the midst of
the life of the individual.  Since it is impossible to compartmentalize one's
spirituality, the full range of life experience is the subject material for
finding this direction.

To schedule an appointment please call 281-780-9014 or e-mail.  There is no charge for the initial session as we would discuss expectations and processes.  Sessions generally last an hour and can be conducted in person or by phone.  The frequency varies from person to person.  E-mail spiritual coaching is also available as
correspondence was a common method throughout the tradition.
spiritual coaching